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Our travel agency is a family business that started operating from our grandfather in the year 1981. Our base is located in the youngest and northern city of Greece, in Orestiada of Evros. My father and uncle have continued the business since today with a major success in making our clients have the best and unforgettable vacations.

Our location is very particular. From one side it could be characterized as strategic and advantageous because it is remarkably close to the north and eastern borders, but also disadvantageous due to the big distance from the rest of Greece. For that reason most of our trips concetrate in northern Greece and abroad.

This section is about the new strategic move we want to make upon new collaborations with international travel agencies from Europe, Asia and around the world. Further down, you may find the booklet in PDF form, that includes all the information you need and six(6) destinations as suggestions for a trip planning. This is the only section in our website that is still translated in English and we are working on making it fully bilingual.

In the booklet we have included six destinations, two for Spring Season and four for Summer Season. This does not mean any restrictions about organizing trips for other destinations around Greece and other Seasons.

You may also see here our suggestions so far

Epirus – Ioannina / Dodoni / Zagorohoria / Papigko

Thessaly – Trikala / Elati / Kalampaka / Meteora / Tirnavos



Chalkidiki – Visit in all three Peninsulas

Our Vision

Working the business since 1981, passing from the oldestg to the youngest members of the family we always wanted to do something great with it. Now that we have our chance, our vision is to recreate a great company, grow and connect with agencies around the world. We wish that our success will come through the prominence of the Greek culture and land.


Our goal is to establish connections with agencies abroad and create steady and long term collaborations. We need to improve and upgrade our business and wish to help our partners achieve that too.

Specifications about new collaborations

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