Season: Summer

Close Airport: Macedonia Airport (SKG) 85mm

Chalkidiki is divided in three peninsulas. The first one that is closer to Thessaloniki, is only one hour away and is the most prefered one as it has the most beach-bars, hotels, restaurants, clubs and entertainment places for kids. The high quality nightlife makes it a destination for young people all across Greece and the Balkans.

The first peninsula has a lot of villages across with many hotels that can host our guests.

In the second peninsula there are also a lot of places to settle. It is a diffrent destination as the scope of visiting is relaxing and cool down. Beautiful beaches as well are across the coastline with plenty of options to go swimming.

Ammouliani, a remarkable island accross the second leg which is a secret destination for the tourists is really worthy.

The third and peninsula is the forbidden one. The sacred mountain is located there with it’s churches. We are able to plan one day visits in the monasteries.

* It should be noted that only men are allowed.